Eating in season

November 20, 2009

Hi everyone,

Now that the colder weather is coming on, I started to think about the fact that our bodies gravitate to foods that are “in season” or common to our living area.  It raises the idea of eating foods for our climate so that our bodies are able to easily cope with it.

I think I follow this to an extent. I still eat my mangoes, coconuts, grapes, pineapples and melons during the colder  months…but I also have an increased motivation to purchase, make, and eat “in-season” foods. These usually mean more whole grains, root vegetables, apples, chocolate and more.

And, of course, there are always the staples of the blogging world (and random snacks of mine of late), including:

Brussell Sprouts , roasted in coconut oil

Cocoa coconut LARAbar

 The food blogging world is filled with numerous examples and recipes of in-season foods…think squash, pumpkin, whole-grain dishes, and popular soups. Soups can be quick, tasty and warm when a person is in need for some season-loving. It can also be a great choice when battling the flu or an illness because of its rich ingredients, warm properties, and ease of eating.

Recently, I found 3 new purchases for canned or packaged soup that I think look like great options for the soup-lover, or busy person who wants something great to throw in a pot. Have you tried these below?

Amy's (Lower-Sodium) Split Pea, Lentil Vegetable Soup

Bob's Red Mill 13-Bean Soup (or Chilli) Mix

And then if you have time or desire, you can make your own. I recently got out a pot and make a Quinoa Soup consisting of quinoa, celery, spinach, carrot, sweet potato, fava beans, spices, and sea salt. Boil, simmer, and you have a small, quick meal assembled. I like to serve soup with several different sides, and below I had carrots, and crackers with some Artisana coconut butter.

I like my soup very thick, like stew, and this bowl had about a cup of cooked quinoa in it.

Also, notice that there are 3 different examples of coconut in this post 🙂

So, what do you guys think? Do you increase your consumption of in-season foods when the colder climate begins?

I still eat “out of season” (fruits, cold foods such as ice cream), but the desire for fall and winter fare does increase for me.

Have a lovely Friday.


Breaking out the fall foods

November 19, 2009

Butternut squash, canned pumpkin, buttercup squash


I confess I am a little bit behind. All fall, and I have not had one “fall” food. I am a black-sheep in the world of blog foodists 🙂

I ought to have plenty of ideas considering I follow a lot of blogs that use these foods. But I have failed at incorporating them into my daily eats! I earn an “F” for versatility in my food choices.

I purchased a can of organic pumpkin, a butternut squash and a buttercup squash. Butternut and buttercup: which do you prefer? I plan to prepare these soon for some meal or snack, and luckily there are plenty of blogs with some great ideas.

I also purchased 2 more nut butters recently: Maranatha raw almond butter & a Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Butter. I first saw this new one on Sammie’s blog at running with a recipe, thanks Sammie 🙂 It is quite impressive packing 11 g of protein in 1 TBSP.

Almond Butter, Hemp Seed Nut Butter

Maranatha, how I love you ! I would like to be their official sponsor , but I think the infamous Heather is the leading candidate for that job.

I have noticed the majority of blogs have posts of meals to meals. I am still trying to determine what direction this blog will go in and my posts are -cough- “dry” and boring right now, but its going to take some time to decide what topics I might like to talk about and hope they interest readers. In the meantime, I am going to post as I can.  The bloggers that post meals must be very busy! And that leads me to a new question: are you a planner or a non-planner when it comes to meals and snacks?

I think I am a bit of both, probably more of a planner lately. But my food choices are generally consistent from day to day. My goal is to start increasing the versatility of these choices as they explore this blog and other food-friends.  I do think, however, that planning in advance is important for those that have a busy day. It is unfortunate when someone is unprepared and has to leave their hunger unsatiated which can anger the stomach and decrease the mood.

A hypothetical scenario: You are in an elevator and trapped for the next 18 hours. You have not eaten since breakfast and you have to spend the entire day there. A crew worker is able to send down a tiny baggie of some food, but it can only contain 3-small-snack items. What 3 items are you going to request?

I think I might request: LARAbar, apple, jar of coconut butter. I could spread these 3 (denser and more filling items) throughout the day. For example, cut the Larabar in half and spread with coconut butter, then ration the half later, same with the apple. Typically I might want to eat these 3 all at one time, but if you have 18 hours to go, rationing is wise.

Lets be honest: I would probably spend the entire time thinking about food.

Obsession with food ? That might be me 🙂


Rich cocoNUT elixir

November 18, 2009
First off , thanks to the 3 commenters yesterday! I was as excited as a kid on christmas 🙂 I hope to find others to flock to me also!

As a new blogger, I am still trying to get the feel for posting these pictures and creating something fun and worthy to read, so be patient with me! Let me off with some boring posts and I can try and make up for it later 🙂

Like I said already, I love anything with coconut, especially rocking the coconut milk, coconut butter and coconut oils! A rich nutty flavor that is amazing, I was so glad to stumble upon these super-food items! The NUT part of the name also extends to my  obsessions with nuts, nut butters and….I guess nut oils (walnut oil anyone? :). And of course there is also the popularization of the nut milks on the market.

Oh, the coconut milk (had some for brekkie this morning)…I have 2 kinds: coconut milk regular and the other is light.

Coconut milk regular

I still have not tried the light. The difference in numbers?  and worthy to note that I buy the “Native Forests” brand.

Regualar coconut milk: (1/4 cup) 100 cals, 11 g fat (10 g saturated)

Light coconut milk: (1/4 cup) 35 cals, 3.5 g fat (3.0 g saturated)

Don’t fear the fat, foodies!  Why do coconut milk, butter, oil all get a bad rep? Research once claimed it was associated to heart disease and high cholesterol levels due to the saturated fat content. This turns out to be a guilty association. Raw coconuts and oils do not contain those trans fats that we know to avoid. Truth? Coconut is cholesterol free, and is even touted by many to speed the metabolism, fight chronic fatigue, speed healing of wounds ….

Good stuff. NOT why I use it …have to be honest …I just like the taste ! 🙂 But the research doesn’t hurt, hey!

What are your fave ways to use coconut products ? Have you tried them all?

I like:

coconut milk in hot cereal, tea, mashed with bananas and granola

coconut oil for roasted veggies :), drizzled on salads, glaze for pizza crust base, and fish or soy meals

coconut butter for (anything!)…but as a fruit dip, veggie dip, on squash or sweet potatoes, on crackers, even in hot cereals (try it!)

Wish I had a pic for the oil, but I used it up yesterday! But here is a glorious bottle of unopened coconut butter that I snagged the other day …why so much money 😦

Artisana Coconut butter

I have heard that you can make your own coconut butter, if you dare (haven’t tried it): use 1/2 cup coconut oil + 2 TBSPs of agave nectar, stir with butter knife and store in jar in cool dark place. Makes 1/2 cup.

Ok, boring post! No great pics and not much fun stuff here…work in progress – thanks for reading!


November 17, 2009

Original title to my first post, huh?

Just wanted to make my first post to “break in” this new blog. Hoping to find some readers (and friends?) along the way who care to drop in. If you love anything with nuts, nut butters, coconut, and oils…I am your gal!

Disclaimer: my camera is not kind to me…so pictures will be rough….but if you all stay to read and chat, I will try my best.

Lots of chat on current events, books, eats, latest trends, and how the hell to figure out the next step in life.

Now, I need to go and start tracking you all down and lure you to my bloggie 🙂